Development Services

Assisting Local Businesses

New Kent County is committed to creating and maintaining a business-friendly environment, where the county is seen as a partner and not a hurdle. To assist local businesses with the county's development and permitting services, our Economic Development Department serves as the liaison to the business community. The business community can work through the Economic Development Department to apply for development plan approvals and permits; in essence the Economic Development Department can serve as a one-stop shop, creating a single point of contact for the business community to interact with the county's development departments.

The Economic Development Department is located at:
7324 Vineyards Parkway
New Kent, VA 23124
Phone: (804) 966-9603

Additional Resources

Other departments involved in the county's development and permitting process include:

Environmental Office
Phone: (804) 966-8580

Planning Office
Phone: (804) 966-9690

Building Development Department
Phone: (804) 966-9680

Public Utilities Department
Phone: (804) 966-9678

Fire and Rescue / Fire Marshal
Phone: (804) 966-9618

Commissioner of Revenue's Office
Phone: (804) 966-9610

Virginia Department of Health
Phone: (804) 966-9640

Virginia Department of Transportation
Phone: (800) 367-7623