If you have an emergency, ALWAYS call 911

Station 1 (Providence Forge)

4315 North Courthouse Road, Providence Forge, VA 23140

(804) 966-8771 / Non-Emergency 

New Kent Fire Station 1 is home to Providence Forge Volunteer Fire-Rescue, the county’s first volunteer company, and six full-time firefighter/EMTs. Serving the central part of New Kent, Station 1 maintains coverage with at least two personnel 24 hours a day. Fire suppression, rescue, and emergency medical services incidents are mitigated by the combination staff using an engine, a ladder, a tanker, a brush truck, and an ambulance. Additionally, Battalion 1, a chief level officer working from an SUV is manned from this station to provide command oversight at incidents.

Station 2 (Quinton)

5251 New Kent Highway, Quinton, VA 23141

(804) 932-8772 / Non-Emergency 

New Kent Fire Station 2 is home to Quinton Volunteer Fire & EMS and 13 part-time firefighter/EMTs. This station protects the western end of the county with an engine, a squad, a tanker, a brush truck, and two ambulances. Part-time personnel augment the volunteer staff by providing weekday coverage.

Station 3 (Eltham)

16440 Eltham Road, Lanexa, VA 23089

(804)966-8773 / Non-Emergency

New Kent Fire Station 3 delivers service to the eastern portion of the county with an engine, a squad, a tanker, a brush truck, and an ambulance.

Station 4 (Lanexa)

15460 Pocahontas Trail, Lanexa, VA 23089

(804)966-8774 / Non-Emergency

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New Kent Fire Station 4 is staffed by two full-time firefighter/EMTs and a few countywide volunteers. Full-time firefighters provide 24 hours coverage 10 days per month augmented by the volunteer staff through the use of an ambulance to protect the southeast section of the county.

Station 5 (Talleysville)

7344 Vineyards Parkway, New Kent, VA 23124

(804)966-8775 / Non-Emergency