Drinking Water Quality

New Kent residents are fortunate to have relatively easy access to clean, potable groundwater. The groundwater delivered by New Kent Public Utilities is pumped directly from various aquifers without treatment (except disinfection) or filtration to end users County-wide. The Department of Public Utilities is responsible for providing water to its customers that is in compliance with the EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Act and the Virginia Department of Health-Office of Drinking Water’s Waterworks Regulations. As a result, the Department of Public Utilities is continually sampling each water system for various contaminants as required by these two regulatory agencies.

Some water quality parameters are at levels which do not exceed water quality standards, but do require notification to the public.

Protecting Groundwater Sources

Source Water Protection Plan - 2019
Read about how New Kent County Public Utilities, with the help of its Local Advisory Committee, the Virginia Department of Health-Office of Drinking Water, and Tetra Tech, has put into place a plan for protecting groundwater, which is the source of the public water supply.

For questions, please feel free to contact New Kent Public Utilities. 

Annual Drinking Water Quality Reports

New Kent Public Utilities’ Annual Water Quality Reports (Consumer Confidence Reports) are distributed annually as required by Va. Dept. of Health, before July 1 of the year following the reporting year. The most recent Annual Water Quality Reports are always available on-line, or by contacting Public Utilities.

Annual Drinking Water Quality Reports

Cross Connection Control

In order to minimize public health threats and prevent accidental contamination of the public water system through backflow or siphonage, New Kent is also required by VDH to maintain a Cross Connection Control Program. The Cross Connection Control Program is incorporated as part of the County’s Utility Code.

Irrigation systems owners should already be familiar with the backflow prevention devices on their irrigation systems.

Cross Connection Surveys are mailed with the Annual Water Quality Reports every 3rd year. The most recent survey can be found here. Please take a moment to read the survey, review your operations, and complete & return the survey.