Drought Information Update

New Kent County is fortunate in the fact that the aquifers we rely upon for our water supply are not directly influenced by drought. However, as drought conditions develop and persist, demand on New Kent's water systems increase. Excessive lawn watering and other non-potable uses push the water systems to the limits of their operating capacity. Additionally, the extreme heat typically associated with drought conditions puts added stress on key operating components such as control systems, pumps, and motors. Public Utilities urges all customers to be conscientious about the need for water conservation during extended periods of heat and dry weather.

New Kent's Drought Response Plan is outlined in the County's Water Conservation & Management Plan. Quite simply, New Kent follows the Commonwealth's Drought Assessment & Response Plan. Voluntary to mandatory water restrictions will be imposed based on the state of the drought (drought watch to drought emergency) declared by the Virginia Drought Coordinator or the Governor for our region (the York-James Drought Evaluation Region). Notification of drought conditions and water restrictions will be provided on the County website, instant alerts on New Kent's Notify Me Emergency Alert Center, in a press release to local media and a message on New Kent Local Access Cox Cable Channel 48.

DEQ's Drought Response