Electoral Board

About the Board

New Kent County Electoral Board is appointed pursuant to Virginia Code Section 24.2-106 to administer elections. Three members are appointed by the New Kent County Circuit Court Judge and each serves a three year staggered term ending on the last day of December. The Board meets as needed in the office of the Voter Registrar.

Contact Us

If you have questions about the Electoral Board or are interested in serving as an Officer of Elections, please contact the Voter Registrar at (804) 966-9699 or by email.

Electoral Board Meeting Minutes

Electoral Board Meeting Agendas

Current Electoral Board members:

Charles E. Moss, Sr. (Chairman) - term ends 12/31/23
14600 Stage Road
Lanexa VA 23089
(804) 966-2829
Email Charles E. Moss

Larry L. Reynolds (Vice Chairman) - term ends 12/31/25
3351 Mt. Pleasant Road
Providence Forge VA 23140
(804) 966-2193
Email Larry L. Reynolds

Thomas A. "Tom" Miller (Secretary) - term ends 12/31/24
14400 Winding Grove Lane
Lanexa, VA 23089
(804) 586-1157
Email Tom A. Miller