Commissioner of Revenue Calendar

January 1
Effective date of the general real property reassessment

January 30

Real estate reassessment notices mailed

March 4

Deadline to submit real estate assessment appeal to Commissioner of Revenue

March - April

Conclusion of Commissioner of Revenue appeals; notices mailed

May 1

  • Business License Renewal Application Due
  • Business Tangible Property Report Due
  • Real Estate Tax Relief for the Elderly and Disabled Application Due
  • AFD Recertification Application Due
  • Estimated Tax Payment #1 Due (Vouchers # 2, #3 & #4 sent to Treasurer’s Office) 

Personal Property Reports Mailed

June 30
Business License Tax Due to Treasurer’s Office

July 1

Personal Property Report Return Due (Mileage, condition or other changes must be reported by this day)

December 5

Real Estate, Personal Property & Tangible Business Property Taxes Due to Treasurer’s Office