This Week at the Market

New Kent County is excited for the second season of the New Kent Farmers Market. Due to COVID-19 health and public safety concerns, the Market location and time have been changed. COVID-19 Market rules and guidelines may be found here. The market will now be held in the New Kent High School parking lot (7365 Egypt Rd, New Kent VA), and will be open for on-site shopping 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. every Saturday. Please consider pre-ordering whenever possible. These circumstances require  lot of changes for staff, vendors and customers; so please be patient while at the Market. Find your favorite 2020 vendor and how you can pre-order through them for the market below.

**Pre-order deadline is Thursday prior to the Market, 12:00 p.m. (noon).

Bees Knees Farm & Creamery

Dennis & Sarah Williams of West Point
To pre-order:

Products for the 7/11/20 Market:
  • Goat cheese
  • Meat products
  • Goat milk caramel

bees knees farm

Bouquets of Blessing

Olivia Plocharczyk of Toano
To pre-order:
Payment options: Credit/debit card

Products for the 7/11/20 Market:
  • Flower bouquets - $12.50 for regular-size, $16.00 for large, and $10.00 for a DIY bundle
    (Website offers color choices and the option to add a vase)

bouquets of blessing 1

Bugle Call Coffee

John & Helen Montgomery of Quinton
To pre-order:
Payment options: Credit/debit card, PayPal
Instagram: @buglecallcoffee

Products for the 7/11/20 Market:
  • Cold brew to-go (16 oz. bottles) limited quantities on-site outside of what is pre-ordered
  • Coffee Blends (Morning Formation - Medium Roast, Black Knight - Dark Roast, Half-Caff)
  • Single Origin Coffee (Colombia, Zambia, Peru, Rwanda, Sumatra, Brazil, El Salvador - washed)
  • Decaf (Swiss Water Process Ethiopia)
  • Gear (Mugs, coffee scoop & bag clip, T-shirts)

bugle call 1

Have A Ball Plants

Christie O’Neill of Quinton
To pre-order: Call 804-822-7196
Payment options: PayPal

Products for the 7/11/20 Market:
  • Air plants
  • Kokedamas
  • Terrariums

have a ball plants 1

Oak & Oyster

Katie Townsend of Quinton
To pre-order: or email (if local)
Payment options: Etsy; or Venmo & PayPal (if local)
Instagram: @shopoakanoyster

Products for the 7/11/20 Market:
  • Necklaces - oyster shell, antlers, wood and bone beads, horsehair tassels, suede - $50+
  • Tassel earrings - $18

oak and oyster 1

Oak Grove Farm

Richard Talley of Providence Forge
To pre-order: Call or text, email or personal message on Facebook
Payment options: Venmo, credit card (Square) and cash
Facebook: Oak Grove Farm and Meats LLC

Products for the 7/11/20 Market:
  • Eggs by the dozen
  • Pork -
    Pork Bacon - $11.00/lb
    Pork Breakfast Links: Hot Italian, Maple - $9.50/pack
    Pork Bulk Sausage: Hot, Maple, Sweet Italian - $8.50/pack
    Pork Chops - $10.50/lb
    Pork Grillers: Hot Italian, Sweet Italian - $9.50/pack
    Pork Short Ribs - $11.00/lb
  • Beef -
    Beef 1/3lb Patties 3pk - $9.00/pack
    Beef 1/4lb Patties 4pk - $9.00/pack
    Beef Grillers: Andouille, Hot, Hot Italian, Sage, Sweet Italian - $9.50/pack
    Eye of Round Steak - $8.50/lb
    Fajita Meat - $8.50/lb
    Flat Iron - $10/lb
    Stew Meat - $8.50/lb
    Ground Beef: Sweet Italian - $8.50/pack
    Kabob Meat - $8.50/lb
    Korean Style Ribs - $9.00/lb
    Beef Bones, Beef Fat - $2.00/lb
    Soup Bones - $3.00/lb
    Beef Plate - $6.00/lb
    Cross Cut Shank - $4.00/lb
    Organs (various) - $3-4

oak grove 1

Poplar Springs Farm

Jimmy & Regina Talley of Providence Forge
To pre-order: email (subject line should read: NK Farmers Market order 6/13/20
No pre-payment option. Cash or check preferred; will take charge/debit card with a 3% convenience fee added on day of Market.

Products for the 7/11/20 Market:
  • Milk Soap – large plain bars – avg. wt. 3.5 ozs. Bars are $4.00 ea. + tax (5.3%). Scents available for 6/13/20: Gardener’s Delight, Green Clover, Honeysuckle, Lavender essential oil, Lavender fragrance, Lavender Mint, Oatmeal Honey, Orange Clove, Peony, Rose, Warm Vanilla Sugar.
  • Beef -
    Ground beef – 1 lb. pkg. – $8.00 + 2.5% tax
    Patties – 1 lb. pkg. – 1/3 lb. patties – $9.00 + 2.5% tax
    Patties – 1 lb. pkg. – 1/4 lb. patties – $9.00 + 2.5% tax
    Beef Sweet Italian grillers – 4 per pkg. – $9.50 + 2.5% tax
    Beef Sweet Italian sausage – 1 lb. pkg. – $8.50 + 2.5% tax

poplar springs 1

Rockahock Farm

Nell Bartlett of Lanexa
To pre-order:
Payment options: credit and debit cards

Products for the 7/11/20 Market:
  • Baked goods - Bartlett’s Ginger Pear Bread Brown Sugar Pound Cake, Chocolate Zucchini Bread , Coconut Pound Cake, Cranberry Lime Bread, Fresh Apple Bread, Lemon Blueberry Bread, Orange Poppy Seed Bread, Pumpkin Bread, Sweet potato biscuits, Zucchini Bread, Lemon Blueberry Bread Pudding, Orange Marmalade & Cranberry Bread Pudding, Traditional Bread Pudding, Humming Bird Cake, Rustic Cheesecake - Dark Chocolate, Rustic Cheesecake - Vanilla Bean, Savory Cheesecake - Blue Cheese, Apple Dumplings, Welsh Cakes, Blackberry Crisp, Blueberry Peach Crisp, Cherry Crisp with Raspberries, Four Berry Crisp, Fresh Peach Crisp, Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp, Virginia Apple Crisp, Stone Ground Grits with Smoked Gouda, Quiche - Bacon & Cheddar, Quiche - Spinach & Gruyere
  • Lemon Curd, Swedish cream
  • Eggs - bakers dozen
  • Dill sauce, Pepper Dressing
  • Soups - 16 oz Artichoke Bisque, 16 oz Brunswick Stew, 16 oz Colcannon, 16 oz Corn Chowder with Bacon, 16 oz European Cabbage and Steak Soup, 16 oz Ham Hock Gumbo, 16 oz Market Chili, 16 oz Mexican Bean and Chicken Soup, 16 oz Spinach & Arborio Rice Soup, 16 oz Sweet Red Pepper Soup, 32 oz Artichoke Bisque, 32 oz Brunswick Stew, 32 oz Colcannon, 32 oz Corn Chowder with Bacon, 32 oz European Cabbage and Steak Soup, 32 oz Ham Hock Gumbo, 32 oz Market Chili, 32 oz Mexican Bean and Chicken Soup, 32 oz Roasted Sweet Red Pepper Soup, 32 oz Spinach & Arborio Rice Soup
  • Cheese Straws - bacon, mild, spicy

rockahock farm 1

Semper Pie

Joe and Heather Marino of Quinton
Pre-order by: Facebook Messenger
Payment options: Venmo preferred (can do credit card, cash)
Instagram: @semperpiepistrina

Products for the 7/11/20 Market:
  • Large Blueberry Streusel Muffins (A Farmers Market Favorite!)
    6 pack: $20; 12 pack: $30
  • Chocolate Cake - 3 Layer (THE Chocolate Cake...How it all began)
    Slice: $4 each
  • Carrot Cake - 3 Layer (No nuts, unless special order for whole cake)
    Slice: $4 each
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies (Some know these are "crack cookies" because they’re so addicting)
    6 pack: $8; 12 pack: $12
  • Snickerdoodle Cookies (Quite possibly better than Grandma’s!)
    6 pack: $8; 12 pack: $12
  • Mini Personal Fruit Pies - Cherry, Peach, or Blueberry
    $6 each
  • 9" NY Style Cheesecake - Plain, Strawberry or Blueberry (Light, creamy and full of flavor! A life changing experience!)

semper pie 1


Joy Blake of the Tunstall area

To pre-order: email, phone or Facebook
Payment options: PayPal

Products for the 7/11/20 Market:
  • CBD products
    1 oz Standard Potency $24
    1 oz High Potency $60
    1 oz Pet $24
    2 oz Salve $50
  • Handmade jewelry and leather goods

CBD 4 products

Stargell’s Apiaries

Matt & Brandy Stargell of Henrico
Pre-order by:
Payment options:

Products for the 7/11/20 Market:
  • Local honey - wildflower, clover and creamed


Sunflower Woodcrafts

Tabetha Wilson of Providence Forge
Pre-order by:
Payment options: online payment on website, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, CashApp

Products for the 7/11/20 Market:
  • Handmade wood signs and decor items

sunflower woodcrafts 1

Sweet Leaf Farm

Ashley Featherston of Quinton
Pre-order by: Call 727-512-6979
Payment options: PayPal, Zelle, Venmo (cash on site)

Products for the 7/11/20 Market:
  • Lettuce
  • Microgreens


The Homeplace Farm

Donald, Taylor & Mary Kay Sellars of Barhamsville
Pre-order by: Facebook Messenger, call Donald (757-870-5539) or text Mary Kay (757-869-5603)
We are working on a website & we will let you know when it is up and running!
Payment options:

Products for the 7/11/20 Market:
  • Produce - Cucumbers, Broccoli, Beets, Tomatoes, Squash, Zucchini, Collards, Onions, String Beans, Potatoes, Peppers, Corn (limited), Cantaloupes, Peaches.

    3 baskets available for pre-order:
    #1 ($15 basket) a little bit of what is popular to equal dollar amount
    #2 ($20 basket) same - just little more variety
    #3 ($25 basket) again either more variety or more product
    *we can also substitute or leave something out if you absolutely hate or have allergies to something so please specify when ordering*

the homeplace farm 2

Urban Egg-Scape Farm

Robbie & Becky Hogge of Lanexa
Pre-order by: 
Payment options: Credit/debit card
Instagram: @urban_eggscape_farm

Products for the 7/11/20 Market:

  • Non-GMO fed/pasture raised pork
  • Non-GMO fed/pasture raised eggs
  • Pasture raised and grain fed beef
  • Wildflower honey
  • Jalapeño seasoning
  • Petting zoo

urban eggscape 1

Want to join our amazing line-up of vendors? Applications are available online. Please review the vendor guidelines before applying.