Estimated Service Availability in Initial Unserved Clusters

There are approximately 3,000 homes in New Kent County with limited to no broadband service currently that will be connected during the first phase of the broadband expansion partnership between the County and Cox Communications.

Phase 1 of the project, addressing 22 unserved portions or “clusters” of the County, is projected to take approximately 28 months to complete. The Estimated Service Availability in Initial Unserved Clusters Map addresses only 12 of the 22 clusters initially identified. (Map is also below) Ten additional unserved clusters are currently in the design phase and Cox Communications plans to have timelines for these additional areas available by July 2023. If you don’t see your home or business shaded on this map, and you are in a currently unserved portion of the County, you will most likely see it addressed in the July update. Through this partnership, fiber-optic high-speed broadband services will be expanded to every household and business in New Kent County.

For existing Cox Communications customers, Phase 2 of the project will enable the buildout of a fiber-optic network to the remaining residents and businesses to ensure everyone in the county has access to the new network.  

Barhamsville and Talleysville were identified as the first two clusters to be addressed initially in this project. Cox Communications reported at the January 27, 2023 town hall event that construction is underway in Barhamsville and is expected to begin in Talleysville around mid-February.

Estimated Service Availability in Initial Unserved Clusters Map

*Link to map is also above.