Resource Guide for New Kent County (Online)


This resource guide, developed by New Kent Social Services, is a directory to expand awareness and knowledge and ensure that consumers and their families gain full access to health and human services. It is designed to offer a broad list and overview of services available from various profit and non-profit agencies, churches, professional societies, private groups and voluntary programs. Agencies are often located in New Kent County while many others are located within the regional area. Of course, many other resources also exist in the community and region. Regardless of an agency’s location, most services and resources are available to New Kent County residents. 

The Resource Guide was first published May 1, 2012 and was updated periodically and as needed. Due to the extensive number of changes, the Resource Guide was republished January 3, 2018. Again, changes have been made as new information became available. The Guide contains the names, addresses, telephone numbers and websites of organizations that offer a variety of services and information. The table of contents will help refine your search and is hyperlinked to that particular resource list. Known websites are active links to that particular source and are current as of publication. Every effort was made to include accurate information. Because this type of information is subject to change, we encourage you to update telephone numbers and addresses periodically. 

New Kent County and the New Kent Department of Social Services does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, or sexual orientation. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for our staff, clients, volunteers and vendors. 

Although many resources are available throughout the County, those included in this Resource Guide are intended to be lead resources and serve as a point of reference. The contents of this guide do not necessarily represent the policy of New Kent County or the New Kent Department of Social Services and are not endorsements for a particular agency or resource. 

What to Know First 

When making a call to any organization listed in this resource guide, please consider the following: 

  • Be as prepared as possible in order to get started in the right direction. 
  • Be patient, as numerous calls may be needed to discover the most helpful resources. 
  • Understand the first contact may provide an overview of the most basic knowledge and information pertaining to an organization or service. The first contact may make a referral to other organizations better designed to meet personal and specific needs for information, resources, services and benefits.

Individuals should be able to describe personal circumstances or the situation to ensure organizations understand what services are needed. Organizations are better able to assist or make appropriate referrals when given enough information. 

Remember some services may have specific requirements, such as age, income, assets (such as bank accounts), residence and/or type of disability. Individuals should be prepared to provide information about their situation and also be prepared to ask questions about the services. 

Some organizations may require identification, such as photo identification, Social Security card, or a birth certificate. Non-US citizens may need to bring a Green Card. 

The Resource Guide is split out into categories:

Adult Day Care Centers & ServicesFood Distribution ProgramsMental Health & Counseling Services
AgingHome Health Care ProvidersNew Kent County Numbers
Alzheimer's Disease & DementiaHospice ProvidersNon-Profit Agencies
Assisted Living FacilitiesHospitalsNursing Homes
Bereavement ResourcesHotline NumbersService & Civic Organizations
Brain Injuries: Services for People with Brain InjuryHousing & Home Repair ProgramsSocial Services
Children: Information & ResourcesHomeless Services AgenciesTransportation
Churches in New Kent CountyLegal ServicesVeterans & Family Services
Consumer Directed Facilitators for Personal CareMedical Supplies & Adaptive ResourcesWebsites
Domestic Violence ResourcesMedicare, Medicaid & FAMIS2-1-1 Virginia