Board Resolutions 2013 All Archives

R-27-13 R-27-13
Setting the January 2014 Business Meeting
R-26-13 R-26-13
Recognizing the Macon family for their unselfish acts of bravery
R-25-13 R-25-13
Approving CUP application CUP-03-13 filed by Jackass Flats LLC for a mini-storage facility
R-24-13 R-24-13
Recognizing Norma Holmes on the occasion of her 40-year service anniversary
R-23-13 R-23-13
Requesting VDOT to accept the streets in Patriots Landing, Parcel E, Section 2 into the state system for maintenance
R-22-13 R-22-13
Recognizing Earthquake Shakeout Day
R-21-13 R-21-13
Irrevocable election not to participate in Virginia Local Disability Program
R-20-13 R-20-13
In support of an ambulance permit for Alliance Specialty Transport, Inc.
R-19-13 R-19-13
Appointing Subdivision Agent
R-18-13 R-18-13
Appointing Legislative Liaison for the 2014 General Assembly Session
R-17-13 R-17-13
Appointing Zoning Administrator
R-15-13 R-15-13
Abandonment, Additions and Discontinuances of portions of Stage Road
R-14-13 R-14-13
Requesting that the streets in Greenwood Estates, Section IV, Phase 1A be accepted into the state system for maintenance
R-13-13 R-13-13
Recognizing the services of Karen Cameron
R-12-13 R-12-13
Designating July as Parks & Recreation Month
R-11-13(R) R-11-13(R)
Approving CUP-02-13 SPF Investments and Wilco Hess to construct a travel plaza
R-10-13(R) R-10-13(R)
Approving CUP-01-13 Colonial Holdings, Inc. to authorize a one-day motorcycle racing event on a Saturday to be determined in 2013
R-09-13 R-09-13
Approving the Secondary Six Year Plan and Construction Priority List
R-07-13 R-07-13
Conveying the New Kent Elementary School property to the School Board
R-06-13 R-06-13
Entering into Mutual/Automatic Aid Agreements
R-05-13 R-05-13
Exchange of County Land with Southwestern Holdings
R-04-13 R-04-13
Recognizing April 2013 as National County Government Month
R-03-13 R-03-13
Requesting that the streets in Patriots Landing be accepted into the state system for maintenance
R-01-13(R) R-01-13(R)
Establishing 2013 Meeting Schedule