Board Resolutions 2012 All Archives

R-53-12 R-53-12
Setting January 2013 meeting date
R-52-12 R-52-12
Requesting roads in Oakmont Villas,Phase II be added into the state system for maintenance
R-51-12 R-51-12
Initiating action on parking ordinance changes
R-50-12 R-50-12
Affirming declaration of local emergency
R-49-12 R-49-12
Eminent domain
R-48-12 R-48-12
Authorizing VRA fall refunding of 2004 bonds
R-47-13 R-47-13
appointing Legislative Liaison for 2013 General Assembly session
R-46-12 R-46-12
Recognizing services of Dr. Satoshi Ito
R-45-12 R-45-12
Congratulating William Kelly on his Virginia Aviation Person of the Year award
R-44-12 R-44-12
Approval of Community Services Board annual performance contract
R-43-12 R-43-12
Designating Workforce Week
R-42-12 R-42-12
Designating 4-H Week
R-40-12 R-40-12
Affirming appointment of Interim FIre Chief
R-39-12 R-39-12
Appointing Acting County Administrator
R-38-12 R-38-12
Initiating Subdivision Ordinance text amendment
R-37-12 R-37-12
Canceling the August 29, 2012 work session
R-36-12 R-36-12
Declaration of Local Emergency on June 29-30, 2012
R-35-12 R-35-12
adoption of 2012 Emergency Operations Plan
R-34-12 R-34-12
2007 Lease Revenue bond
R-33-12 R-33-12
supporting Golden Crescent communities in their request for transportation funding
R-32-12 R-32-12
Concurrence with School Division's election to pay the VRS Board Certified Rate
R-31-12 R-31-12
Providing for the refunding of all or portion of the County's water and sewer revenue bond, Series 2004
R-30-12 R-30-12
Certifying VRS member contribution requirements effective 7/1/12
R-29-12 R-29-12
Certifying the VRS Employer Contribution Rates
R-28-12 R-28-12
Requesting acceptance of streets in Bel Green at Brickshire, Section 2, into the state system for maintenance
R-27-12 R-27-12
Support of the Port of Virginia Economic Development and Infrastructure Grant program
R-26-12 R-26-12
rescinding rezoning resolution R-13-12 and initiating an overlay
R-25-12 R-25-12
Clean County Committee charter
R-24-12 R-24-12
Transportation Safety Commission charter
R-23-12 R-23-12
Purchase of Development Rights Committee charger
R-22-12 R-22-12
Parks & Recreation Advisory Commission charter
R-21-12 R-21-12
Airport Advisory Commission charter
R-20-12 R-20-12
Initiating ordinance changes on forestry uses in commercially-zoned properties
R-19-12 R-19-12
Recognizing May as Older Americans Month
R-18-12 R-18-12
approving the Secondary System Six Year Plan for FY13
R-17-12 R-17-12
requesting Watch for Children signs on Hollywoods Court
R-16-12 R-16-12
Recognizing Administrative Professionals Week/Day
R-15-12 R-15-12
Recognizing the 140th anniversary of Mt. Olive Baptist Church
R-14-12 R-14-12
Adopting Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan
R-13-12 R-13-12
Initiating rezoning of Plum Point
R-12-12 R-12-12
Placing moratorium on AFD applications until January 2014
R-11-12 R-11-12
Amending the 2012 meeting schedule to change the date of the February work session
R-10-12 R-10-12
Amending the Historic Commission charter
R-09-12 R-09-12
approving application for Va. Dept of Health construction funding for the Route 249 waterline project
R-08-12 R-08-12
recognition of the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee work
R-07-12 R-07-12
recognizing the 100th birthday of Julian Scott
R-06-12 R-06-12
Requesting acceptance of streets in Patriot's Landing, Phase I, into the state secondary system for maintenance
R-05-12(R2) R-05-12(R2)
Approving CUP application filed by Virginia Natural Gas for a natural gas line
R-04-12 R-04-12
Setting compensation for 2012 Board of Equalization
R-03-12 R-03-12
commending work of Brickshire Social Committee
R-02-12 R-02-12
Requesting acceptance of roads in Oakmont Villas, Phases I and II into the state system for maintenance
R-01-12 R-01-12
Setting the 2012 meeting schedule