Board Resolutions 2011 All Archives

R-48-11 R-48-11
Appointing 2012 Legislative Liaison
R-47-11 R-47-11
Updating deer population management objectives
R-46-11 R-46-11
requesting Children at Play signs in Brown's subdivision
R-45-11 R-45-11
Authorizing County Administrator to sign bike signage grant papers
R-44-11 R-44-11
Providing for implementation of the Comprehensive Community Corrections Act for Local Responsible Offenders, the Pre-trial Services Act, and Establishment of the Colonial Community Criminal Justice board
R-43-11 R-43-11
Setting January 2012 business meeting
R-42-11 R-42-11
Timbering on commercially zoned property
R-41-11 R-41-11
Confirming local emergency
R-40-11 R-40-11
authorizing application to 2012 Industrial Revitalization Fund
R-39-11 R-39-11
Child Passenger Safety Week and National Seat Check Saturday
R-38-11 R-38-11
Recognizing the services of William H. Whitley
R-37-11 R-37-11
National 4-H Week
R-36-11 R-36-11
Community Services Board contract
R-35-11 R-35-11
Appointing new 2011 General Assembly liaison
R-34-11 R-34-11
Bailey additions to the Big Swamp and Schiminoe Creek AFDS
R-33-11 R-33-11
Rodgers addition to the Putney Creek AFD
R-32-11 R-32-11
AFD District Renewals
R-31-11 R-31-11
Mills addition to the York River AFD
R-30-11 R-30-11
Johnson & Fisher additions to the York River and Timber Swamp AFDs
R-29-11 R-29-11
Wingspread Partners addition to the Diascund Creek AFD
R-28-11 R-28-11
Stolz addition to the Diascund Creek AFD
R-27-11 R-27-11
Strayer addition to the Big Swamp AFD
R-26-11 R-26-11
Bryant addition to the Schiminoe Creek AFD
R-25-11 R-25-11
Diascund Reach Farms addition to the Diascund Creek AFD
R-24-11 R-24-11
Woodall addition to the Pamunkey River AFD
R-23-11 R-23-11
Evelyn addition to the Pamunkey River AFD
R-22-11 R-22-11
Boyle Realty addition to the Cattail Swamp AFD
R-21-11 R-21-11
Reimbursement Resolution
R-20-11 R-20-11
GASB 54 Fund Balance Policy
R-19-11 R-19-11
Line of Duty Act opt-out
R-18-11 R-18-11
Allen cell tower CUP
R-17-11 R-17-11
Social Services Advisory Board charter
R-16-11 R-16-11
May as Old Americans Month
R-15-11 R-15-11
In support of existing UASI funding structure
R-14-11 R-14-11
Secondary System Six Year Plan for FY2012
R-13-11 R-13-11
Business Appreciation Week
R-12-11 R-12-11
Forwarding AFD applications to the Planning Commission
R-11-11 R-11-11
National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day
R-10-11 R-10-11
Changing the date of the April business meeting
R-09-11 R-09-11
Building Safety Month
R-08-11 R-08-11
National County Government Month
R-07-11 R-07-11
Approving application for Va. Dept. of Health funding for Whitehouse Farms storage improvements
R-06-11 R-06-11
Approving change orders on Public Utilities projects
R-05-11 R-05-11
Average Land Use Cover
R-04-11 R-04-11
Dissolving Weir Creek Emergency Services, Inc.
R-03-11R R-03-11R
National Communications/Shifflett CUP for cell tower
R-02-11R R-02-11R
Clear Signal/Evelyn Piling CUP for cell tower
R-01-11 R-01-11
2011 Meeting Schedule