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R-64-10 R-64-10
Setting the January 2011 business meeting
R-63-10 R-63-10
Requesting Children At Play signs for Polishtown Road
R-62-10 R-62-10
2011 Legislative Agenda
R-61-10 R-61-10
Requesting acceptance of Old Quarter Lane Extension (Wood minor subdivision) into the state system for maintenance
R-60-10 R-60-10
Requesting acceptance of the roads in Section 1 of The Oaks subdivision into the state system for maintenance
R-58-10 R-58-10
Initiating zoning reclassification of tax map parcel 20-15D (Brockwell)
R-57-10 R-57-10
Request to declare Synthetic Cannabinoids illegal in Virginia
R-56-10 R-56-10
Potter withdrawal from AFD
R-55-10 R-55-10
Recognizing Jonathan Geller
R-54-10R R-54-10R
Requesting speed study for Old River Road
R-53-10 R-53-10
Community Planning Month
R-52-10 R-52-10
Zoning Ordinance amendment dealing with conditional use permits
R-50-10 R-50-10
In support of bicycling in New Kent
R-49-10 R-49-10
Request to reconsider herring fishing restrictions
R-48-10 R-48-10
National 4-H Week
R-47-10 R-47-10
Crop drought
R-46-10 R-46-10
PPEA Guidelines update
R-45-10 R-45-10
Community Services Board contract for FY11
R-44-10 R-44-10
AFD realignment
R-43-10 R-43-10
Philbates creation (Timber Swamp) and addition
R-42-10 R-42-10
Clarke AFD addition
R-41-10 R-41-10
Mihalcoe AFD addition
R-40-10 R-40-10
James Smith AFD addition
R-39-10 R-39-10
Warren Smith AFD addition
R-38-10 R-38-10
Hawthorne AFD addition
R-37-10 R-37-10
Abbitt Realty AFD addition and creation (Holts Creek)
R-36-10 R-36-10
Gilman AFD additiona
R-34-10 R-34-10
In recognition of Jill Cruz
R-33-10 R-33-10
Implementation of Ch, 549 and 613 of the Va. Acts of Assembly - 2010 session regarding the timing for acceptance of cash proffer payments
R-32-10 R-32-10
In opposition to collective bargaining for public safety employees
R-31-10 R-31-10
In memory of Thelma Crump Wilson
R-30-10 R-30-10
R-29-10 R-29-10
In appreciation of E. Taylor Moore
R-28-10 R-28-10
Support for the Rt. 155 shoulder-widening project
R-27-10 R-27-10
Reimbursement Resolution
R-26-10 R-26-10
Amending Surety Policy
R-24-10 R-24-10
Christian/Clear Signal cell tower CUP
R-23-10 R-23-10
VRS contribution for new employees
R-22-10 R-22-10
In support of Smart Beginnings
R-21-10 R-21-10
Moody/National cell tower CUP
R-20-10 R-20-10
VA WARN Water/Wastewater Mutual Aid Program
R-19-10 R-19-10
Older Americans Month
R-18-10 R-18-10
Business Appreciation
R-17-10 R-17-10
Requesting acceptances of streets in Brickshire Section R Phase 3 into the state system for maintenance
R-16-10 R-16-10
Secondary System Six Year Plan for FY11
R-15-10 R-15-10
Williams/National cell tower CUP
R-14-10 R-14-10
Finney home occupation CUP
R-13-10 R-13-10
Setting compensation for the Board of Equalization
R-12-10 R-12-10
National County Government Week
R-11-10 R-11-10
In support of the Historic Horseracing bill
R-10-10 R-10-10
In support of the proposed freeze to the Local Composite Index for FY2011
R-09-10 R-09-10
Authorizing execution of Homeland Security grant applications
R-08-10 R-08-10
encouraging participation in the 2010 Census
R-07-10 R-07-10
Establishing a surety policy
R-06-10 R-06-10
Amending the policy for meeting payments for Board members
R-05-10 R-05-10
Requesting acceptance of Firethorn Lane (Woods Edge Section 3) into the state system for maintenance
R-04-10 R-04-10
Requesting acceptance of Littleleaf Lane (Woods Edge Section 4) into the state system for maintenance
R-03-10 R-03-10
Requesting acceptance of streets in Brickshire Section P1 into the state system for maintenance
R-02-10 R-02-10
Requesting acceptances of streets in Brickshire Section P into the state system for maintenance
R-01-10 R-01-10
2010 Meeting Schedule