Board Resolutions 2008 All Archives

R-42-08(R) R-42-08(R)
Approving CUP-02-08 authorizing the operation of a truck stop (Pilot Travel Center)
R-41-08 R-41-08
Requesting that Cherokee Pines Trail be accepted into the state system for maintenance
R-40-08 R-40-08
Honoring John G. Sowder on the occasion of his 90th birthday
R-39-08 R-39-08
Charter for the Zoning Ordinance Rewrite Commitee
R-37-08 R-37-08
Endorsement of two Transportation Enhancement Grant applications (Courthouse improvement project & Historic Wayside)
R-35-08 R-35-08
Designating GED Week and GED Day
R-34-08 R-34-08
urging the funding of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants Program in National Economic Stimulus legislation
R-33-08 R-33-08
Requesting that New Kent be declared a crop disaster area because of drought conditions
R-32-08 R-32-08
Authorizing the submittal of an application for the Va Dept of Health's Drinking Water Financial and Construction Assistance Program
R-31-08 R-31-08
Approving CUP-01-08 authorizing intensification of a home occupation (Martin Vending Products)
R-30-08 R-30-08
Authorizing the execution of an agreement with VDOT for bicycle signage grant
R-29-08 R-29-08
recognizing Norma Holmes on her 35th service anniversary
R-28-08 R-28-08
Authorizing modification of the EDA revenue note, series 2005
R-27-08 R-27-08
White withdrawal from the Eltham AFD
R-26-08 R-26-08
Isgeett addition to the Old Dispatch AFD
R-25-08 R-25-08
Parsley addition to the Old Dispatch AFD
R-24-08 R-24-08
Jenkins addition to the Old Dispatch AFD
R-23-08 R-23-08
Simons addition to the Hampstead-Northberry-Shimokin AFD
R-22-08 R-22-08
Coke addition to the Old Dispatch AFD
R-21-08 R-21-08
Wentling addition to the Pamunkey River Valley II AFD
R-20-08 R-20-08
Watts addition to the Pamunkey Farms AFD
R-19-08 R-19-08
Affirming authorization to pick up the employee's contribution to VRS for New Kent under Section 414(h) of the Internal Revenue Service Code
R-18-08 R-18-08
Designating October 2008 as Community Planning Month
R-17-08 R-17-08
Approving the revised Central Virginia Waste Management Authority's articles of incorporation
R-16-08 R-16-08
Approving the FY09 Community Services Board performance contract
R-15-08 R-15-08
Exchange of County land (with Sweet/New Kent Land Development for construction of multi-use courts at Quinton Park)
R-14-08 R-14-08
In recognition of the late Richard E. Williams, Sr.
R-13-08 R-13-08
Electing an enhanced retirement multiplier for qualifying public safety employees
R-11-08(R1) R-11-08(R1)
declaration of intention to reimburse itself from financing for CIP expenditures
R-10-08 R-10-08
recognizing Carol Witherspoon's volunteer service
R-09-08 R-09-08
Amending the designation of funds for VDOT revenue sharing (Homestead Road)
R-08-08 R-08-08
Bond refinancing for school projects
R-06-08 R-06-08
Secondary System Six Year Plan for 2009
R-05-08 R-05-08
In appreciation of New Kent's Jamestown 2007 Committee
R-04-08 R-04-08
In support of hunting with dogs
R-03-08 R-03-08
Honoring Gladys B. Upp on the occasion of her 100th birthday
R-02-08(R-1) R-02-08(R-1)
Initiating the zoning reclassification of approximately 186 acres of land (school property) in the St. Peters and Cumberland magisterial districts from A-1 to R2
R-01-08 R-01-08
Establishing 2008 Meeting Schedule