Board Resolutions 2014 All Archives

R-44-14 R-44-14
Resolution setting the January 2015 Business Meeting
R-43-14 R-43-14
Approving Lease Refinancing of Various Public Capital Improvements
R-42-14 R-42-14
In support and acceptance of the County of New Kent, Virginia as a "StormReady" Community
R-41-14 R-41-14
In honor of the Honorable Thomas B. Hoover on his retirement from the New Kent County Circuit Court
R-40-14 R-40-14
Appointing 2015 Legislative Liaison
R-39-14 R-39-14
approving participation in The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) for cooperative procurement
R-36-14 R-36-14
approving New Kent's joining a joint public safety/public service radio communication system
R-35-14R1 R-35-14R1
Approving Conditional Use Permit Application CUP-01-14, Pilot Travel Centers LLC
R-34-14 R-34-14
Approving the FY15 and FY16 Community Services Board performance contract
R-33-13 R-33-13
AFD 016-14 Re-creation of the Big Swamp AFD
R-32-14R1 R-32-14R1
AFD 015-14 Re-creation of the Pamunkey River AFD
R-30-14R1 R-30-14R1
AFD 013-14 Moore addition to Pamunkey River AFD
R-29-14 R-29-14
AFD 012-14 Moore addition to the Pamunkey River AFD
R-28-14 R-28-14
AFD 011-14 Evelyn addition to Pamunkey River AFD
R-27-14 R-27-14
Evelyn addition to Pamunkey River AFD
R-26-14 R-26-14
AFD 009-14 Randolph addition to Pamunkey River AFD
R-25-14 R-25-14
AFD 008-14 Shuttlewood Farms addition to Pamunkey RIver AFD (#2)
R-24-14R1 R-24-14R1
AFD 007-14 Moore addition to Pamunkey River AFD
R-22-14 R-22-14
AFD 005-14 Shuttlewood Farms addition to the Pamunkey Creek AFD
R-21-14 R-21-14
AFD 004-14 Criss Cross addition to Pelham Swamp AFD
R-20-14 R-20-14
AFD 003-14 Criss Cross addition to the Holts Creek AFD
R-19-14 R-19-14
AFD 002-14 Fort Lee Baptist Church addition to Diascund Creek AFD
R-18-14 R-18-14
AFD 001-14 Hockaday addition to the Big Swamp AFD
R-17-14 R-17-14
Certifying VRS employer contribution rates effective 7/1/14
R-16-14 R-16-14
Recognizing May 2014 as Older Americans Month in New Kent County
R-15-14 R-15-14
approving proposed Secondary System Six-Year Road Plan for FY2015 - FY2020 and FY2015 Construction Priority List
R-14-14 R-14-14
Recognizing Hurricane and Flooding Preparedness Week
R-13-14 R-13-14
Recognizing May as National Cooperate Extension Centennial Celebration Month
R-12-14 R-12-14
Authorizing issuance of a bond for the Route 249 waterline project
R-11-14 R-11-14
Opposing Hunting on Sundays
R-10-14 R-10-14
Urging the Governor and General Assembly to timely pass a clean budget
R-09-14 R-09-14
Accepting utility easements for the Route 249 waterline project
R-08-14 R-08-14
Declaring New Kent County a hybrid entity for purposes of HIPAA
R-07-14 R-07-14
Declaring the County's intention to reimburse itself from the proceeds of any tax exempt financing for CIP expenditures
R-06-14 R-06-14
Opposing HB597 and any measure to create and/or rename a regional transportation authority that does not include proportional representation of all participating localities
R-05-14 R-05-14
Setting compensation for 2014 Board of Equalization
R-04-14 R-04-14
finding staff competent to perform initial analysis of an unsolicited PPEA proposal on the next phase of the Historic School renovations
R-03-14(R) R-03-14(R)
Approving CUP-04-13 to authorize Colonial Downs to hold one motorcycle race event in 2014
R-01-14 R-01-14
Adopting 2014 meeting schedule