Board Resolutions 2015 All Archives

R-01-15 R-01-15
Resolution establishing 2015 meeting schedule
R-02-15 R-02-15
Resolution appointing Zoning Administrator
R-03-15 R-03-15
Resolution appointing Subdivision Agent
R-04-15 R-04-15
Resolution requesting that VDOT add Tucker's Ridge Lane into the State system
R-05-15 R-05-15
Resolution honoring Ms. Josephine Pemberton and her years of service to the citizens of New Kent County
R-06-15 R-06-15
Resolution to approve Conditional Use Permit Application CUP-02-14, Colonial Holdings, Inc. to authorize a one-day motorcycle racing event
R-07-15 R-07-15
Acceptance of Baylor Grove into State System
R-08-15 R-08-15
Approval of CUP-03-14 - Colonial Downs
R-09-15 R-09-15
Expedited Review Guidelines for Non-Residential Economic Development Projects
R-10-15 R-10-15
Small Business Close Up
R-11-15 R-11-15
National County Government Month - April 2015
R-12-15 R-12-15
Communications System Financing
R-13-15 R-13-15
Secondary Six-Year Road Plan for FY2016-FY2021
R-14-15 R-14-15
May 2015 - Older Virginians Month in New Kent County
R-15-15 R-15-15
Public Safety Radio Project Financing
R-16-15 (R1) R-16-15 (R1)
Governmental and School Budget - FY15-16
R-17-15 R-17-15
Capital Projects Budget - FY15-16
R-18-15 (R1) R-18-15 (R1)
Public Utilities Budget - FY15-16
R-19-15 R-19-15
Acceptance of Baylor Grove - Clear Stone Road
R-20-15 R-20-15
Recognizing Jennifer Murray
R-21-15 R-21-15
C Schultz addition to Cooks Mill AFD
R-22-15 R-22-15
D Schultz addition to Cooks Mill AFD
R-23-15 R-23-15
Salavejus addition to Wahrani AFD #1
R-24-15 R-24-15
Talley addition to Schiminoe Creek AFD
R-25-15 R-25-15
Culpepper addition to Wahrani AFD
R-26-15 R-26-15
Salavejus addition to Wahrani AFD #2
R-28-15 R-28-15
Renewal of Higgins Swamp AFD
R-29-15 R-29-15
Renewal of Pelham Swamp AFD
R-30-15 R-30-15
Renewal of Putney Creek AFD
R-31-15 R-31-15
Central Virginia Waste Management Authority (CVWMA) 25th Anniversary
R-32-15 R-32-15
National 4-H Week - October 4-10, 2015
R-33-15 R-33-15
Dennis' Truck and Auto Repair CUP-03-15
R-34-15 R-34-15
2016 Legislative Liaisons
R-35-15 R-35-15
Philbates CUP - Recorded
R-36-15 R-36-15
Clean County Charter Renewal
R-37-15 R-37-15
Loves Travel Stops CUP-02-15
R-38-15 R-38-15
Airport Commission Charter
R-39-15 R-39-15
Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission Charter
R-40-15 R-40-15
Transportation Safety Commission Charter
R-41-15 R-41-15
Broadband Management Team Resolution
R-42-15 R-42-15
Setting January Business Meeting Date