Board Resolutions 2016 All Archives

R-01-16 R-01-16
Establishing 2016 Meeting Schedule
R-02-16 - RECORDED R-02-16 - RECORDED
GPM Investments - Fas Mart Exception
R-03-16 R-03-16
Purchase of Development Rights Advisory Committee Charter
R-04-16 R-04-16
Honoring Sheriff Howard on his retirement
R-05-16 R-05-16
Honoring Supervisor Burrell on his retirement
R-06-16 R-06-16
Honoring Circuit Court Clerk Butler
R-07-16 R-07-16
Board of Equalization compensation
R-08-16 R-08-16
Acceptance of Roads within Patriots Landing, Phase III, Sections 1 & 2; Parcel E, Sections 3 & 4 into the State System
R-09-16 R-09-16
Approving Proposed Secondary Six-Year Road Plan for FY2017-FY2022 and FY2017 Construction Priority List
R-10-16 R-10-16
Adopt and Appropriate the New Kent County Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Governmental and School Budgets
R-11-16 R-11-16
Adopt and Appropriate the New Kent County Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Capital Projects Budget
R-12-16 R-12-16
Adopt and Appropriate the New Kent County Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Public Utility Fund Budget
R-13-16 - RECORDED R-13-16 - RECORDED
Approve Conditional Use Permit CUP-01-16, County of New Kent and Department of Public Utilities to authorize the construction of a wireless communications tower located on Tax Map 23-28C
R-14-16 - RECORDED R-14-16 - RECORDED
Conditional Use Permit application CUP-02-16, Correctional Solar, LLC to authorize the construction of a solar farm facility on Tax Map 37-50 and Tax Map 37-5
R-15-16 - RECORDED R-15-16 - RECORDED
Approval of the disposition of surplus real property formerly used as well lots.
R-15-16 (R1) - RECORDED R-15-16 (R1) - RECORDED
Disposition of Surplus Well Lots - R-15-16 was re-recorded to correct erroneous Tax Map and GPIN references for Lot 2
R-16-16 R-16-16
Virginia Retirement System Health Insurance Credit Program for Local Government Employees
R-17-16 R-17-16
Pine Fork Park Recreational Access Road
R-18-16 R-18-16
Appointment of County FOIA Officer
R-20-16 R-20-16
Recreate Allens Run AFD
R-21-16 R-21-16
Broyhill Addition to Black Creek AFD
R-22-16 R-22-16
Pearson addition to Black Creek AFD
R-23-16 R-23-16
Boyle Addition to Cattail Swamp AFD
R-24-16 R-24-16
Recreate Cooks Mill AFD
R-25-16 R-25-16
Walls addition to Diascund Creek AFD
R-26-16 R-26-16
Vranian addition to Mill Creek AFD
R-27-16 R-27-16
Criss Cross addition to Pelham Swamp AFD
R-28-16 R-28-16
Criss Cross Addition to Schiminoe Creek AFD
R-29-16 R-29-16
PF Hunt and Fish addition to Schiminoe Creek AFD
R-31-16 R-31-16
Clark addition to York River AFD
R-32-16 R-32-16
Caldwell addition to Big Swamp AFD
R-34-16 R-34-16
Stitzer addition to Cooks Mill AFD
R-35-16 R-35-16
Diascund Reach additon to Diascund Creek AFD
R-36-16 R-36-16
Kinney addition to York River AFD
R-37-16 R-37-16
Kinney addition to Schiminoe Creek AFD
R-38-16 R-38-16
Acceptance of roads in Deerlake, Sections B & C into the State System for maintenance
R-39-16 R-39-16
Naming the Route 155 Bridge in New Kent County as the F.W. "Wakie" Howard, Jr. Bridge
R-40-16 R-40-16
Route 106 Arterial Management Plan
R-41-16 R-41-16
FY17 & FY18 Henrico Community Services Board Performance Contract
R-42-16 R-42-16
Reimbursement Resolution
R-43-16 R-43-16
Fire Station Financing Resolution
R-44-16 R-44-16
National 4-H Week - October 2-8, 2016
R-45-16 R-45-16
Middle Peninsula Juvenile Detention Commission Service Agreement Amendment
R-46-16 R-46-16
Middle Peninsula Juvenile Detention Commission Service Agreement Amendment
R-47-16 R-47-16
Emergency Operations Plan Update
R-48-16 R-48-16
Design Build Public Procurement Procedures
R-49-16 R-49-16
Tri-River Alcohol Safety Action Program
R-50-16 R-50-16
Second Liberty Baptist Church - 150th Anniversary
R-51-16 R-51-16
Appointing 2017 Legislative Liaisons
R-52-16 - RECORDED R-52-16 - RECORDED
Antebellum Assembly Hall/Venue
R-53-16 R-53-16
Acceptance of Perkins Place
R-54-16 R-54-16
January Business Meeting
R-55-16 R-55-16
Woodhaven - Firewise Communities