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R-01-17 R-01-17
2017 Meeting Schedule
R-02-17 R-02-17
Ken Pair/Windmill Realtors Exception Request
R-03-17 R-03-17
Sick Leave Bank Policy
R-04-17  R-04-17
Recognizing the service of Jeannie Gilman - Clean County Committee
R-05-17 R-05-17
Broadband Management Team Charter Renewal
R-06-17 R-06-17
Acceptance of The Oaks, Section 2
R-07-17 R-07-17
Parks & Recreation Charter Amendment
R-08-17 R-08-17
Acceptance of Diascund Creek Sections 1 and 2
R-09-17 R-09-17
Atlantic Coast Pipeline Support
R-10-17 R-10-17
Reimbursement Resolution
R-11-17 R-11-17
Concurrent Resolution of the Middle Peninsula Detention Commission and its Member Jurisdictions, amending the Provisions of its December 1994 Service Agreement
R-12-17 R-12-17
Resolution of Agreement that the Henrico County Department of Finance Shall Serve as the Fiscal Agent for CodeRVA
R-13-17 R-13-17
Waiver from Private Road Standards
R-14-17 (R2) R-14-17 (R2)
FY18 Budget
R-15-17 R-15-17
R-16-17 R-16-17
FY18 Public Utilities Budget
R-17-17 (R1) R-17-17 (R1)
Secondary Six Year Plan
R-18-17 R-18-17
Recognizing May as Older Americans Month
R-19-17 R-19-17
Smart Beginnings School Readiness 2017-2020
R-20-17 R-20-17
Recognizing May as Lupus Awareness Month
R-21-17 R-21-17
New Elam Baptist Church 150th Anniversary
R-22-17 R-22-17
Designating July as Parks and Recreation Month
R-23-17 R-23-17
Designation of Stage Road as a Rural Rustic Road
R-24-17 - RECORDED R-24-17 - RECORDED
Conditional Use Permit - Bob Alley Towing CUP-01-17
R-25-17 - RECORDED R-25-17 - RECORDED
Conditional Use Permit - Quinton Homes, LLC CUP-02-17
R-26-17 - RECORDED R-26-17 - RECORDED
Conditional Use Permit - Jolene Farm Winery CUP-03-17
R-27-17 - RECORDED R-27-17 - RECORDED
Conditional Use Permit- Henrico Jail East Tower CUP-04-17
R-28-17 R-28-17
Acceptance of Patriots Landing Parcel E Section 5
R-30-17 R-30-17
Adoption of Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan Update
R-31-17  R-31-17
Lease Financing for Fire Apparatus
R-32-17 R-32-17
DEQ Comprehensive Plan Amendments
R-33-17 R-33-17
Appendix C Comprehensive Plan Amendments (Rt. 106 AMP)
R-34-17 R-34-17
National 4-H Week
R-35-17 R-35-17
Station 5 Design Construction Procurement
R-36-17 - RECORDED R-36-17 - RECORDED
Conditional Use Permit - Vaiden Inn Bed and Breakfast - CUP-05-17
R-37-17 R-37-17
Initiation of Amendment to 98-62 Table of Land Uses
R-38-17 R-38-17
Oakmont Villas Phase 4 Street Acceptance
R-39-17 (R1)   R-39-17 (R1)
Updating Historic Commission Charter
R-40-17 R-40-17
Setting January 2018 Business Meeting Date
R-41-17 R-41-17
Broadband Advisory Charter Renewal and Membership Reappointment