Board Resolutions 2018 All Archives

R-01-18 R-01-18
Meeting Schedule
R-02-18 R-02-18
Acceptance of Cosby Mill Acres
R-03-18 R-03-18
Acceptance of Quinton Meadow Section 1 and 2
R-04-18 R-04-18
Land Development Code
R-05-18 R-05-18
Declaration of Local Emergency-Resolution Severe Winter Weather
R-06-18 R-06-18
Setting BOE Compensation
R-07-18 R-07-18
Regarding Wireless Service
R-08-18 R-08-18
Bridge Naming in Memory of Trooper Bates
R-09-18 R-09-18
Lifting Declaration of Local Emergency from 1-03-18
R-10-18 R-10-18
VDH Funding for Public Utilities
R-11-18 R-11-18
Acceptance of Streets within Patriots Landing Commercial - Phase One into Stat System
Appointment of Zoning Administrator
Appointment of Subdivision Agent
R-14-18 R-14-18
Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Green v New Kent Board of Education
R-15-18 R-15-18
Older Americans Month
R-16-18 R-16-18
Secondary Six-Year Road Plan for FY 2019- FY 2024 and FY 2019 Construction Priority List
R-17-18 R1 R-17-18 R1
Adopt and Appropriate FY18-19 Governmental and School Budgets
R-18-18 R-18-18
Adopt and Appropriate FY19 Capital Projects Budget
R-19-18 R-19-18
Adopt and Appropriate FY19 Public Utilities Budget
R-20-18 R-20-18
Rural Rustic Road Designation - Old Sweet Hall Ferry
R-21-18 R-21-18
Reimbursement Resolution from the Proceeds of Tax-Exempt Financings for Capital Improvement Projects
R-22-18 R-22-18
SMART SCALE Endorsement - Route 106 Bridge
R-23-18 R-23-18
SMART SCALE Endorsement- I64 Widening
R-24-18 R-24-18
Recognizing the Service of John Lawrence Gallaher
R-26-18 R-26-18
Acceptance of Grand Oak Subdivision
R-27-18 (R1) R-27-18 (R1)
In Support of an Article V Convention of States
R-29-18 R-29-18
Sale of Surplus Well Lot
R-30-18 R-30-18
Pine Fork Park Financing
R-31-18 R-31-18
Declaring a Local Emergency
R-32-18 R-32-18
FY18-19 Budget Amendment
R-33-18 R-33-18
FY19 and FY20 Community Services Board Contract
Pine Fork Park Bond
R-35-18 R-35-18
Acceptance of Patriots Landing Residential - Phase IV
R-36-18 R-36-18
Declaration of Local Emergency