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R-01-21 (PDF) R-01-21 (PDF)
2021 Meeting Schedule
R-02-21 (PDF) R-02-21 (PDF)
Street Acceptance - Jimmy Burrell Lane
R-03-21 - RECORDED (PDF) R-03-21 - RECORDED (PDF)
CUP-03-20 - Nathan Kelley Canine Training and Boarding Home Occupation
R-04-21 (PDF) R-04-21 (PDF)
PlanRVA Charter Amendment Ratification
R-05-21 (PDF) R-05-21 (PDF)
VDOT Sign Removal Agreement
R-06-21 - RECORDED (PDF) R-06-21 - RECORDED (PDF)
Macotto CUP Residence over Business
R-07-21 - RECORDED (PDF) R-07-21 - RECORDED (PDF)
CUP-02-21 - Adams/Rust CUP
R-08-21 (PDF) R-08-21 (PDF)
PlanRVA Charter Agreement
R-09-21 (PDF) R-09-21 (PDF)
Secondary Six-Year Road Plan for FY 2022-2027
R-10-21 (PDF) R-10-21 (PDF)
Youth Community Service Committee Charter
R-11-21 (PDF) R-11-21 (PDF)
Reimbursement Resolution
R-12-21 (PDF) R-12-21 (PDF)
FY22 Capital Improvement Program
R-13-21 R2 (PDF) R-13-21 R2 (PDF)
FY21-22 Governmental and School Budgets
R-14-21 (PDF) R-14-21 (PDF)
FY22 Public Utilities Budget
R-15-21 (PDF) R-15-21 (PDF)
Street Acceptance - Dispatch Station Sec 1
R-16-21 (PDF) R-16-21 (PDF)
Board of Road Viewers Charter
R-17-21 (PDF) R-17-21 (PDF)
Approving the Community Services Board Performance Contract
R-18-21 (PDF) R-18-21 (PDF)
Greenwood Estates Well Lot Sale
R-19-21 - RECORDED (PDF) R-19-21 - RECORDED (PDF)
The Truck Shop LLC - CUP-03-21
R-20-21 (PDF) R-20-21 (PDF)
Initiation of Zoning Text Amendment for Building Height
R-21-21 (PDF) R-21-21 (PDF)
Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee Charter
R-22-21 (PDF) R-22-21 (PDF)
Redistricting Goals
R-23-21 (PDF) R-23-21 (PDF)
Initiation of Solar Farm Performance Standards
R-24-21 (PDF) R-24-21 (PDF)
FY 21-22 Budget Amendment - American Rescue Plan Act
R-25-21 (PDF) R-25-21 (PDF)
FY20-21 Budget Amendment and Revenue Appropriation
R-26-21  (PDF) R-26-21 (PDF)
FY22 Budget Amendment - Carryforward Appropriations
R-27-21 (PDF) R-27-21 (PDF)
Lease Revenue Bond Approval
R-28-21 (PDF) R-28-21 (PDF)
Opposing Mandate from Federal Government for Mandatory Vaccinations
R-29-21 (PDF) R-29-21 (PDF)
Participation in Opioid Settlement against McKesson, Cardinal Health, Amerisource Bergen, Janssen and their Related Corporate Entities
R-30-21 (PDF) R-30-21 (PDF)
Participation in Virginia Opioid Abatement Fund and Settlement Allocation MOU
R-31-21 R1 - RECORDED (PDF) R-31-21 R1 - RECORDED (PDF)
Quinton Homes, LLC CUP Extension
R-32-21 (PDF) R-32-21 (PDF)
Authorizing the Closure of County Offices on Wednesday, November 24, 2021 (Thanksgiving Holiday
R-34-21 R1 (PDF) R-34-21 R1 (PDF)
Setting January 2022 Business Meeting Date (PDF)