Board Resolutions 2022 All Archives

R-01-22 R1 (PDF) R-01-22 R1 (PDF)
2022 Meeting Schedule
R-02-22 (PDF) R-02-22 (PDF)
Street Acceptance - Bent Tree Estates - Gelding Road
R-03-22  (PDF) R-03-22 (PDF)
Recognizing New Elam Baptist Church for Outstanding Community Service during the COVID-19 Pandemic
R-04-22 (PDF) R-04-22 (PDF)
Street Acceptance - Stone Acres Court
R-05-22  (PDF) R-05-22 (PDF)
FY22 Budget Amendment - Annual End of Year School Transfer
R-06-22 (PDF) R-06-22 (PDF)
FY22 Budget Amendment Quinton Elementary School Carryforward
R-07-22 (PDF) R-07-22 (PDF)
Initiating Zoning Text Amendment to Establish Commerce Corridor Overlay Districts
R-08-22 (PDF) R-08-22 (PDF)
Setting 2022 Board of Equalization Compensation
R-09-22 (PDF) R-09-22 (PDF)
Authorizing the Issuance and Sale of up to $9,000,000 Principal Amount of a Water and Sewer Revenue Bond
R-10-22 (PDF) R-10-22 (PDF)
Approving Public Facilities Lease Revenue Bond, Series 2022
R-11-22 (PDF) R-11-22 (PDF)
Initiating Cluster Subdivision and Zoning Ordinance Amendments
CUP-03-22 Tig-Mac LLC (Smith) - Event Venue and Cidery
R-15-22 (PDF) R-15-22 (PDF)
Street Acceptance - The Fields at Pine Fork
R-16-22 (PDF) R-16-22 (PDF)
FY23 Adopted Governmental and School Budgets
R-17-22 (PDF) R-17-22 (PDF)
FY23 Public Utility Fund Budget
R-18-22 (PDF) R-18-22 (PDF)
FY23 Capital Projects Budget
R-20-22  (PDF) R-20-22 (PDF)
Recognizing Dr. Milton Hathaway on the Occasion of His Retirement
R-19-22 (PDF) R-19-22 (PDF)
Reimbursement Resolution & Schedule A
R-22-22 (PDF) R-22-22 (PDF)
Amending FY21-22 Budget - Appropriations for Construction Projects
R-23-22 (PDF) R-23-22 (PDF)
Amending FY21-22 Budget - Appropriation for Solids Stabilization Treatment Facility
R-25-22 (PDF) R-25-22 (PDF)
Street Acceptance - FONK Landbay V Phase 1
R-26-22 (PDF) R-26-22 (PDF)
Conditional Use Permit Transfer from Basic to Holcim-Mar
R-27-22 (PDF) R-27-22 (PDF)
Appropriation Makemie Woods Property
R-28-22 (PDF) R-28-22 (PDF)
Request to Implement a Through Truck Restriction on Stage Road
Huguley Waiver from Private Roadway Standards
R-30-22 (PDF) R-30-22 (PDF)
FY22 Budget Amendment - Colonial Downs Revenue Appropriation
R-31-22 (PDF) R-31-22 (PDF)
FY23 Budget Amendment - ARPA and Colonial Downs Revenue Appropriations
R-32-22 (PDF) R-32-22 (PDF)
Street Acceptance - The Oaks Section 5
R-34-22 (PDF) R-34-22 (PDF)
FY23 Budget Amendment - AutoZone Incentive
R-35-22 (PDF) R-35-22 (PDF)
FY23 Budget Amendment - FY22 Carry Forwards
R-36-22 (PDF) R-36-22 (PDF)
Adoption of Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan Update
R-37-22 (PDF) R-37-22 (PDF)
FY 23 Budget Amendment - Additional School Revenue
R-38-23 (PDF) R-38-23 (PDF)
Setting the January 2023 Business Meeting Date